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Eraser Knowledge
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Eraser Knowledge


TPR=Thermo-Plastic Rubber, it is environment-friendly eraser, it is non-toxic, normally for European Countries. It’s price is normally cheaper than PVC eraser, and it’s quality is not good as PVC eraser’s. TPR eraser’s guarantee period is no longer than PVC eraser’s.

Due to TPR property of be degradable, it is environment-friendly. However, TPR has its weakness, as TPR is degradable, after some time, some little of oil will come out, it is normal situation and inevitable. When the eraser be packed by cellophane or opp bag, etc, the little of oil is hard to see by eye, it’s it is nearly don’t impact the sales.


PVC=polyvinyl chloride. It’s not environment-friendly eraser and it cannot be degradable. It’s quality is better than TPR eraser. And PVC eraser’s price is normally higher than TPR eraser. PVC eraser’s guarantee period is very long, it can keep many years without any oil coming out.


TPR 4B=best quality of TPR eraser, originally from Korea Technology.

PVC 4B=best quality of TPR eraser, originally from Taiwan Technology.